Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Update!

First, and MOST important, we hope you all had a Merry Christmas! We celebrated ours with lots of food, and we mean L-O-T-S of food! For some reason or another after being married for a year and a half, we haven't learned to cook for just the two of us. Some day that would come in handy, but not yet. On Christmas Eve, Bethany got to make her delicious signature potato soup; For Christmas day, Pablo cooked his first "Pernil", Puerto Rican term for roasted pork shoulder. That roasted pig turned out to be pretty good. We definitely had a "white" Christmas this year. Dubuque has already seen about 25" of snow.

On to our update, we believe the last time we emailed one was when Pablo was leaving for the band's very first Tour in March. Pablo left in the beginning of April and came back in mid-May. A few weeks later, Pablo left Bethany AGAIN to play at summer camps. We celebrated our first anniversary at Lake Geneva Youth Camp in Wisconsin. Pablo left for third time in August and returned mid-October. During these times, Bethany kept herself busy with work, friends, and plenty of books.

We did get to spend some time together this year though! In June we headed to Atlantic to see Bethany's family and our adorable niece Kensley (we're expecting another niece or nephew in July!). We returned to Atlantic in August as well for an extended family reunion.

We also got to visit Pablo's family in Puerto Rico for Thanksgiving.

Our big news is that we are moving to Denver, Colorado. We are leaving on February 4th. Bethany is very excited to actually be traveling with the band instead of staying behind! Pablo's band has quite a few tours and camps lined up for the rest of the year. We're taking a bit of a leap of faith by leaving Dubuque and quitting our jobs to pursue this ministry. Attached you will find a list of the Band's tentative Winter - Summer tour schedule so you'll know where we will be.

As we wrap up, here are a few of our prayer requests that we have:

- For The Ineloquent's ministry

- Safety and health in our travels

- Finding an apartment in Denver

- Financial provision

- For Bethany, Pablo, Daniel, and Georgiana to get along

- For us to find a home church

- For all the dates on our "planned" tour to be filled with places to play at.

Since we are new at this, we will try to do our best to blog as much as we can!

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