Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Once again, it's been a while! (Fall Update)


(We will be posting another blog about Bethany's Summer at Camp Elim very soon!)

We are back on the road, and busier than ever! This time, we are touring the Southeast area, including Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The other states we will be going to this fall are Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kasas. This tour will last until November 23rd. The Lord has been moving through our ministry like never before and continues to show that this is His will for us!

In the last three weeks, we have had many great opportunities to share the truth and doors are continuing to open up for us. We are so grateful for your prayers and ask you to print of the attached updated schedule and continue to pray for us. We have some major updates for you:

1. A few of you know of this, but we have been representing the work of Compassion International on this tour and we have recently been presented with an amazing opportunity to go on a trip to El Salvador with Compassion to see one of the projects firsthand! In the beginning of this tour, we had about a week open between 9/28 and 10/2 in the Houston, TX area. For some reason (and now we know why!) we had been unable to fill any of those dates and everything that we had as tentative kept falling through. Then we received an offer from our contact at Compassion inviting us to go on a trip to El Salvador during that exact week. And here's the best part: the trip just so happened to be scheduled to leave from Houston! After much prayer and consideration we have decided to go on this trip and we would really appreciate your prayers for us during that week. Please pray for travel safety and safety during our time in El Salvador. Please pray that we would be incredibly open and teachable during that week to learn everything that God wants to teach us. Please pray that we would have servants hearts and that we would be a blessing to everyone we meet, to all the children we spend time with and to all of the other people we are going on the trip with. Please pray that God will push us out of our comfort zones and show us His heart for the poor. Please pray that this trip will equip us to passionately share and communicate the incredible work of Compassion. We are so excited to see it with our own eyes!

2. We sang at a Gospel meeting last Saturday at a small church in Lewisville, TX (Dallas area). The purpose of the meeting was for people to bring their unbelieving family and neighbors to hear the hope of the Gospel. 17 unbelievers came to hear the message! Many of them were practicing Hindus but they all stayed for the whole meeting and the Gospel message went out clearly. Please pray for soft hearts and for positive responses.

3. Thank you all for praying for bookings. As you can see, we've been able to fill a few cities. We do still have a few dates open, especially in Florida in October. Please pray for God's provision of places to share our ministry and that He would open just the right doors. If any of you know anyone in Florida, please pass us their info and we'll give them a call.

4. Other updates: Audiences have been receptive, people have been answering the call to sponsor children through Compassion, we have been healthy, the van is running well and the air conditioner is working great! Thank you again for your prayers on our behalf. We will keep you updated as much as we can.