Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Once again, it's been a while! (Fall Update)


(We will be posting another blog about Bethany's Summer at Camp Elim very soon!)

We are back on the road, and busier than ever! This time, we are touring the Southeast area, including Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The other states we will be going to this fall are Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kasas. This tour will last until November 23rd. The Lord has been moving through our ministry like never before and continues to show that this is His will for us!

In the last three weeks, we have had many great opportunities to share the truth and doors are continuing to open up for us. We are so grateful for your prayers and ask you to print of the attached updated schedule and continue to pray for us. We have some major updates for you:

1. A few of you know of this, but we have been representing the work of Compassion International on this tour and we have recently been presented with an amazing opportunity to go on a trip to El Salvador with Compassion to see one of the projects firsthand! In the beginning of this tour, we had about a week open between 9/28 and 10/2 in the Houston, TX area. For some reason (and now we know why!) we had been unable to fill any of those dates and everything that we had as tentative kept falling through. Then we received an offer from our contact at Compassion inviting us to go on a trip to El Salvador during that exact week. And here's the best part: the trip just so happened to be scheduled to leave from Houston! After much prayer and consideration we have decided to go on this trip and we would really appreciate your prayers for us during that week. Please pray for travel safety and safety during our time in El Salvador. Please pray that we would be incredibly open and teachable during that week to learn everything that God wants to teach us. Please pray that we would have servants hearts and that we would be a blessing to everyone we meet, to all the children we spend time with and to all of the other people we are going on the trip with. Please pray that God will push us out of our comfort zones and show us His heart for the poor. Please pray that this trip will equip us to passionately share and communicate the incredible work of Compassion. We are so excited to see it with our own eyes!

2. We sang at a Gospel meeting last Saturday at a small church in Lewisville, TX (Dallas area). The purpose of the meeting was for people to bring their unbelieving family and neighbors to hear the hope of the Gospel. 17 unbelievers came to hear the message! Many of them were practicing Hindus but they all stayed for the whole meeting and the Gospel message went out clearly. Please pray for soft hearts and for positive responses.

3. Thank you all for praying for bookings. As you can see, we've been able to fill a few cities. We do still have a few dates open, especially in Florida in October. Please pray for God's provision of places to share our ministry and that He would open just the right doors. If any of you know anyone in Florida, please pass us their info and we'll give them a call.

4. Other updates: Audiences have been receptive, people have been answering the call to sponsor children through Compassion, we have been healthy, the van is running well and the air conditioner is working great! Thank you again for your prayers on our behalf. We will keep you updated as much as we can.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back in Colorado

Well, thanks for coming back and reading me blog...our blog!

Last time we posted something, we were in Montana.

We got back in Colorado last Friday night and got to hang out with the Mark and Emily Smith & their beautiful gang for the weekend. On Sunday we visited a church about 30mins. away from Boulder, in Commerce City. We had a blast worshipping with Crossroads Community Church and got to see Fenny leading worship...GOOD TIMES! That same day we spent the whole day walking around the mall, exploring Colorado, and enjoying each others company...a Day Date, if you will. Since Monday, I have been working at Daniel's house laying things down for a new fence. It's been quite the work ladies and gents! Lot's of digging holes for a wall and new trees, jackhammering concrete, and pulling thousands of roots! Not what I vision my self doing in between tours, but it has been a fun workout,. Not to say that it's been fun beating Daniel up with roots, shovels, rocks, and whatever I find on the ground! All the fun had to come to an end today. :( Bethany has been relaxing at the house watching movies and reading books with Georgi...what a life!

For the rest of the week we will be getting ready for our East Coast Tour which begins this coming Sunday in Sterling Colorado. We will be gone for a little more than two months. SWEETNESS! You should check out our schedule on our myspace(The Ineloquent) and see if we are coming through...I'm pretty sure we are...so that we can set something up and hang out! Anyways, the real reason of this post is because I would love for you to keep us in your prayers!

Pray for safety and health. For the Lord to minister to people through the music we play; for people to be sensitive to the Spirit and the Gospel; for our fellowship with other saints; for our daily walk with the Lord; for at least three people to get saved on this tour :) ; and for our financial needs.

Thank you guys, we really appreciate it! We hope and pray all of you are well!

God bless...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello From Montana!

Well it's been a while since we have posted something on here. We stink at following up or updating things.

Anyways, we are in Stevensville, Montana at Bethany's parents! We have been here since Monday of last week(March 2nd, for those of you who love the exact date :P) and it has been relaxing, refreshing, and fun all at the same time. Bethany planned this trip last year secretly to surprise her parents. Well, her mom was suspicious, but we surprised her dad. It was great! The bittersweet news is that we are leaving Thursday to head back to Colorado and get ready for our next tour out to the NorthEast coast!

Speaking of tour, our mini tour that we had in Feb. went great. The Lord definitely blessed us with a great time both on the road and while fellowshipping with other believers! We can't wait to come back to the SouthWest corner of the country this Fall, Lord willing! Please pray for any seed that was planted on that tour, to grow! We want to see our family in Christ grow more in numbers and in our walk with Him!

Well, it's getting late here. With a Full Moon, I might not get any sleep tonight! Anyways, we promise to keep you posted, even if it takes us a month to post something. We won't leave you hanging.

Pray for safe travels on the road. We will be heading out this Thursday to Billings Montana to visit Bethany's friends. Then we are headed to Colorado on Friday for a week before heading out on tour.

Thanks for reading! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well, it's 12am right now. I should be in bed, but decided to post another blog before I get there! We are in Albuquerque right now, heading to Gallup, NM tomorrow (today, in the morning) where we will be playing in the evening. From what we have heard, the church where we are playing is at a native (Navajo) reservation. So, we ask that you would keep us in your prayers as we go and share the Good News of our Lord! Reason I say this is because of all the hurting, struggle and bitterness these people go through everyday. I remember on our last tour out west we met a native, Red Fox, and just from talking to him you can hear the hate, hurt, struggle, etc. He was a little gone with "fire water", as they say :), but my heart was shattered from talking to him and seeing him the conditions he was. For some reason, I believe we might run into that, or we might not, the Lord knows. But we want to be prepared for whatever comes our way and want to be use in any way possible.

We want to be constantly reminded that what we are doing is not for ourselves, but for the Lord!

Another reason why I am still up is because about few hours ago, I received a called from my mother telling me that my great 'ma passed away. For a while now, she was struggling with her health, and I know that now she is resting in peace. I can remember seeing her 3 years ago laying on her bed ready to die. That was the year Bethany came to Puerto Rico with me to meet my parents and family. Three years later, last November, we visited again and saw how healthy and beautiful she looked. God gave her 3 more years of life just so she can receive the greatest gift ever given to us.

Last night, while my mom and her husband, Onix, dropped her off at the hospital, he wanted to share the Good News of Christ before they left her there. Amazingly, she received the free gift of salvation from our Lord Jesus Christ! Shortly after, my mom and Onix left the hospital and that's when she passed away.

When my mom told me the news, I expected her to break down in tears over the phone. But instead she was rejoicing and sounded peaceful. I was confused by this until she broke the news about gMa accepting the Lord.

What a miracle! What a way of thanking the Lord for an extra three years of life! By accepting the sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus Christ! What a story!

I am rejoicing, but jealous of her! She is now with the Lord, feasting with him. Lucky her. I'm praying that I'm next on His list. :) Although, it seems that He's making it clear to Bethany and I that there's a lot of work for us to get done. But we are ready to meet our Saviour! I mean, we still have to reproduce...ha ha ha

Her memorial service will be in Puerto Rico. But because the lack of $$$ for Bethany and I to fly down there, we have decided to continue our travels with the band. We want to continue to spread the Good News of our Lord and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ that live in New Mexico and Arizona!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

So we just arrived in Albuquerque, NM after a great weekend at Grace Community Bible Church in Pueblo, Colorado. We played three times on Sunday. The first one was at 11am for their worship service and two concerts, one at 2pm and the other at 6pm. Yesterday, we spent the whole day with Grace Community's Pastor Al and his wife Eloise. They took us around town to get a little taste of Pueblo. Good times!

Now we are celebrating Valentines day early before our busy rest of the week begins, starting tomorrow. We got to go to "Sweet Tomato" for dinner with Daniel and Georgi! It was my first time eating there and loved it. When we got back to our hotel room, I saw a rose and Valentine's cookies that Pablo got for me nicely set on the bed. Now we are updating our blog and getting ready to play farkle.

Tomorrow, the band is playing here in Albuquerque at First Christian Church. They are very excited since KLove, a nationwide radio station, has been advertising their concert here and will be at their concert.

Please continue to pray for us! That the Lord will minister and encourage both believers and unbelievers through the music.

Well, I think Pablo is ready for the game "farkle", so it's time to log off. We hope you are all doing well and will try to blog again when the chance is given! God bless...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Update!

First, and MOST important, we hope you all had a Merry Christmas! We celebrated ours with lots of food, and we mean L-O-T-S of food! For some reason or another after being married for a year and a half, we haven't learned to cook for just the two of us. Some day that would come in handy, but not yet. On Christmas Eve, Bethany got to make her delicious signature potato soup; For Christmas day, Pablo cooked his first "Pernil", Puerto Rican term for roasted pork shoulder. That roasted pig turned out to be pretty good. We definitely had a "white" Christmas this year. Dubuque has already seen about 25" of snow.

On to our update, we believe the last time we emailed one was when Pablo was leaving for the band's very first Tour in March. Pablo left in the beginning of April and came back in mid-May. A few weeks later, Pablo left Bethany AGAIN to play at summer camps. We celebrated our first anniversary at Lake Geneva Youth Camp in Wisconsin. Pablo left for third time in August and returned mid-October. During these times, Bethany kept herself busy with work, friends, and plenty of books.

We did get to spend some time together this year though! In June we headed to Atlantic to see Bethany's family and our adorable niece Kensley (we're expecting another niece or nephew in July!). We returned to Atlantic in August as well for an extended family reunion.

We also got to visit Pablo's family in Puerto Rico for Thanksgiving.

Our big news is that we are moving to Denver, Colorado. We are leaving on February 4th. Bethany is very excited to actually be traveling with the band instead of staying behind! Pablo's band has quite a few tours and camps lined up for the rest of the year. We're taking a bit of a leap of faith by leaving Dubuque and quitting our jobs to pursue this ministry. Attached you will find a list of the Band's tentative Winter - Summer tour schedule so you'll know where we will be.

As we wrap up, here are a few of our prayer requests that we have:

- For The Ineloquent's ministry

- Safety and health in our travels

- Finding an apartment in Denver

- Financial provision

- For Bethany, Pablo, Daniel, and Georgiana to get along

- For us to find a home church

- For all the dates on our "planned" tour to be filled with places to play at.

Since we are new at this, we will try to do our best to blog as much as we can!