Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back in Colorado

Well, thanks for coming back and reading me blog...our blog!

Last time we posted something, we were in Montana.

We got back in Colorado last Friday night and got to hang out with the Mark and Emily Smith & their beautiful gang for the weekend. On Sunday we visited a church about 30mins. away from Boulder, in Commerce City. We had a blast worshipping with Crossroads Community Church and got to see Fenny leading worship...GOOD TIMES! That same day we spent the whole day walking around the mall, exploring Colorado, and enjoying each others company...a Day Date, if you will. Since Monday, I have been working at Daniel's house laying things down for a new fence. It's been quite the work ladies and gents! Lot's of digging holes for a wall and new trees, jackhammering concrete, and pulling thousands of roots! Not what I vision my self doing in between tours, but it has been a fun workout,. Not to say that it's been fun beating Daniel up with roots, shovels, rocks, and whatever I find on the ground! All the fun had to come to an end today. :( Bethany has been relaxing at the house watching movies and reading books with Georgi...what a life!

For the rest of the week we will be getting ready for our East Coast Tour which begins this coming Sunday in Sterling Colorado. We will be gone for a little more than two months. SWEETNESS! You should check out our schedule on our myspace(The Ineloquent) and see if we are coming through...I'm pretty sure we that we can set something up and hang out! Anyways, the real reason of this post is because I would love for you to keep us in your prayers!

Pray for safety and health. For the Lord to minister to people through the music we play; for people to be sensitive to the Spirit and the Gospel; for our fellowship with other saints; for our daily walk with the Lord; for at least three people to get saved on this tour :) ; and for our financial needs.

Thank you guys, we really appreciate it! We hope and pray all of you are well!

God bless...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello From Montana!

Well it's been a while since we have posted something on here. We stink at following up or updating things.

Anyways, we are in Stevensville, Montana at Bethany's parents! We have been here since Monday of last week(March 2nd, for those of you who love the exact date :P) and it has been relaxing, refreshing, and fun all at the same time. Bethany planned this trip last year secretly to surprise her parents. Well, her mom was suspicious, but we surprised her dad. It was great! The bittersweet news is that we are leaving Thursday to head back to Colorado and get ready for our next tour out to the NorthEast coast!

Speaking of tour, our mini tour that we had in Feb. went great. The Lord definitely blessed us with a great time both on the road and while fellowshipping with other believers! We can't wait to come back to the SouthWest corner of the country this Fall, Lord willing! Please pray for any seed that was planted on that tour, to grow! We want to see our family in Christ grow more in numbers and in our walk with Him!

Well, it's getting late here. With a Full Moon, I might not get any sleep tonight! Anyways, we promise to keep you posted, even if it takes us a month to post something. We won't leave you hanging.

Pray for safe travels on the road. We will be heading out this Thursday to Billings Montana to visit Bethany's friends. Then we are headed to Colorado on Friday for a week before heading out on tour.

Thanks for reading! :)