Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well, it's 12am right now. I should be in bed, but decided to post another blog before I get there! We are in Albuquerque right now, heading to Gallup, NM tomorrow (today, in the morning) where we will be playing in the evening. From what we have heard, the church where we are playing is at a native (Navajo) reservation. So, we ask that you would keep us in your prayers as we go and share the Good News of our Lord! Reason I say this is because of all the hurting, struggle and bitterness these people go through everyday. I remember on our last tour out west we met a native, Red Fox, and just from talking to him you can hear the hate, hurt, struggle, etc. He was a little gone with "fire water", as they say :), but my heart was shattered from talking to him and seeing him the conditions he was. For some reason, I believe we might run into that, or we might not, the Lord knows. But we want to be prepared for whatever comes our way and want to be use in any way possible.

We want to be constantly reminded that what we are doing is not for ourselves, but for the Lord!

Another reason why I am still up is because about few hours ago, I received a called from my mother telling me that my great 'ma passed away. For a while now, she was struggling with her health, and I know that now she is resting in peace. I can remember seeing her 3 years ago laying on her bed ready to die. That was the year Bethany came to Puerto Rico with me to meet my parents and family. Three years later, last November, we visited again and saw how healthy and beautiful she looked. God gave her 3 more years of life just so she can receive the greatest gift ever given to us.

Last night, while my mom and her husband, Onix, dropped her off at the hospital, he wanted to share the Good News of Christ before they left her there. Amazingly, she received the free gift of salvation from our Lord Jesus Christ! Shortly after, my mom and Onix left the hospital and that's when she passed away.

When my mom told me the news, I expected her to break down in tears over the phone. But instead she was rejoicing and sounded peaceful. I was confused by this until she broke the news about gMa accepting the Lord.

What a miracle! What a way of thanking the Lord for an extra three years of life! By accepting the sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus Christ! What a story!

I am rejoicing, but jealous of her! She is now with the Lord, feasting with him. Lucky her. I'm praying that I'm next on His list. :) Although, it seems that He's making it clear to Bethany and I that there's a lot of work for us to get done. But we are ready to meet our Saviour! I mean, we still have to reproduce...ha ha ha

Her memorial service will be in Puerto Rico. But because the lack of $$$ for Bethany and I to fly down there, we have decided to continue our travels with the band. We want to continue to spread the Good News of our Lord and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ that live in New Mexico and Arizona!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

So we just arrived in Albuquerque, NM after a great weekend at Grace Community Bible Church in Pueblo, Colorado. We played three times on Sunday. The first one was at 11am for their worship service and two concerts, one at 2pm and the other at 6pm. Yesterday, we spent the whole day with Grace Community's Pastor Al and his wife Eloise. They took us around town to get a little taste of Pueblo. Good times!

Now we are celebrating Valentines day early before our busy rest of the week begins, starting tomorrow. We got to go to "Sweet Tomato" for dinner with Daniel and Georgi! It was my first time eating there and loved it. When we got back to our hotel room, I saw a rose and Valentine's cookies that Pablo got for me nicely set on the bed. Now we are updating our blog and getting ready to play farkle.

Tomorrow, the band is playing here in Albuquerque at First Christian Church. They are very excited since KLove, a nationwide radio station, has been advertising their concert here and will be at their concert.

Please continue to pray for us! That the Lord will minister and encourage both believers and unbelievers through the music.

Well, I think Pablo is ready for the game "farkle", so it's time to log off. We hope you are all doing well and will try to blog again when the chance is given! God bless...